Discover the songs of RICK McKIM ...

Mind's Ear Music presents a great singer/songwriter on two new albums spanning 20+ years of songcraft and recording.

Previously heard only in limited CD editions or in rare appearances by Rick & his band The Last Romantics, the two new album collections are like a secret diary of the rock generation’s emotional journey into the new millennium. They're also songs for everyone, the kind you hear in your mind's ear when your mind tunes in to your heart.

You can also stream songs from Rick's hot new musical Down at the Inferno, fusing music, dance and media into a sinfully rockin' show that brings Dante's haunting vision of the afterlife into the 21st century.
Rick began his music career as a garage-rock trailblazer, co-founding the legendary psych/punk cult band It’s All Meat, and he's been writing, singing and producing ever since. From the incurably romantic to the darker side of edgy, he maps the rocky road of passion with a clear eye and a sharp wit, knowing that love is a risk we have to take—and that paradise is worth whatever the hell it takes to get there!

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"DOWN AT THE INFERNO"—The title song from Rick's new musical, where Dante's Hell meets the 21st century and the Inferno is the hottest club in town.

"NEW AGE"—From Down at the Inferno, here's the anthem of one of the Club Inferno's nine circles of pleasure, celebrating the post-Christian faiths of the new millennium!


Updated January 2020